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CIOE 2021

1,Optical Communications Component and Module 2,Optical Communications Chips and Materials 3,Optical Fiber & Cable/ Fiber Sensing 4,Optical Test & Measurement Device 5,Optical Communications System Equipment 6,Manufacturing System Equipment 7,Broadcasting and Communications Equipment 8,Cloud Data Center 9,Wireless Communications 10,Operation and Service 11,Infrared Material and Component 12,Infrared Equipment and Application 13,THz Monitoring and Imaging 14,Millimeter Wave Technology and Application 15,UV Technology 16,Optical Material 17,Optical Components 18,Optical Imaging Measurement & Optical instruments 19,Optical Lens & Camera Module 20,Optical Coating Technology & Equipment 21,Optical Processing Equipment 22,Machine Vision & Industrial Application 23,Sapphire and Touch Screen Manufacturing 24,AR&VR 25,Laser Material 26,Laser Optical Component and Device 27,Laser Equipment 28,Lasers 29,Laser Specialty Applications 30,Laser Display and Projection 31,High-end Intelligent Equipment 32,3D Printing/Additive Manufacturing 33,Industrial Robot 34,LiDAR 35,3D Vision 36,Industrial Sensors and Measurement 37,Fiber Optic Sensor, Millimeter Wave Radar 38,Internet of Things 39,Biophotonics 40,Information Optoelectronic Technology 41,New Photonics Material 42,Optical Technology and Application 43,Intelligent Manufacturing and Robot


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